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Save the human colony by getting rid of the toxic waste!

Description: Tilt Factor is a really cool puzzle game, in which you control 'weight spheres' on a gigantic floating table. You move the weight spheres to shift the weight of the table, tilting it and making everything slide off. The object is to rid the table of toxic waste, by tilting the table and making the toxic waste barrels fall off. There are many interesting objects to make this job easier, or harder for that matter, including weight cubes, portals, incinerators, mounted walls, power-ups, and much more! Have you taken in account the Tilt Factor?

Progress: 50% Completion

Latest Updates: 7/13/10 - It's been awhile since my last update, and I have started working on the project again. I hope to have the game finished soon, since I've been working on it for over 2 years now. I've started adding the final few gamplay pieces to the game, as well as a couple last graphical updates. I've also just started work on the voice sound bits, as well as some of the other sound effects for the game. Level design will be started soon as well. When I release the game, there will be a level design contest with the winners having their levels in a DLC level pack, so look foreward to that as well. New screen shots will be up soon!

10/2/09 - I have updated some of the graphics again, with the addition of the monitor overlay. The background story that I'm working on gives the impression of a control room, so I thought I would make it look as if you were behind the controls, watching a camera feed on a monitor. I still am working on a couple more graphical updates, as well as a couple other additions which should be done soon. I hope to have a working beta soon as well.

9/23/09 - I have again updated some of the graphics of the game, which give the game a nicer look and helps it to fit better with the background story that Iím currently writing. Iím still working on a couple more graphical updates, as well as a couple more additions that will round off the levels a bit more. I hope to also be working on some voice acting soon, as well as the first beta version of the game.

6/26/09 - The base of the Level Designer is in place. It does have some bugs, but I'm working them out. The designer does work with all of the current objects in the game, and allows saving and loading a project file, so you can continue to work on a level at a later time. It also has the export function, obviously, to allow you to create a file that the game then can use to play the level. I also got the game working so that you can play the created levels, but I still need to work on an interface for choosing the created level that you want to play. I will soon be adding in the ability to test your level as you design it, so that you can get a better look at it. When the game comes out, I hope to have the ability to upload your created levels to a server, where others can download and play your created levels.

6/1709 - Just finished the sound system. I used some great scripts that allow the player to adjust the volume of the background music and sounds of the game. I also worked on the pause menu of the game, which allows the player to adjust the volume, and the current music track durring the game. I also hope to add the option to change the controls of the game, which will also be availible from the pause menu. I also will be working on the level designer that will be availible in the game very soon.

4/29/09 - I just finished getting the pause menu working today, using the 'Profession Menu Scripts By Mordi', which you can download in the resources section. I also hope to get the music working soon, and then I'll be doing some level design for the demo (which should be out very soon).

Current Screen Shots: