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GM Code Project

GM Code Project is a new Game Maker Webshow brought to you by Magic Man Games. The show talks about new games and releases, great scripts and tutorials, and also steps through working on the current 'Code Project'.
Episode Name Date Play In Browser Download
Episode 1 May 25th, 2008 Play Part 1
Part 2
Episode 2 July 2nd, 2008 Play Part 1
Part 2
Episode 3 September 8th, 2008 Play Part 1
Part 2
Episode 4 June 16th, 2009 Play Part 1
Part 2
* Click 'Play' To Watch In Player At Left
* To Download, Right Click On The Part You Want, And Click 'Save As'
We want to hear what you want to see! If you have a script, tutorial, game, or anything else to do with GM, send me a PM or post in the GMC Topic and I might feature it in the next episode of GM Code Project!
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